A new start, A new plan

This blog has taken MANY turns over the years since it started. It started as a way to document my journey towards 100 items and quickly turned into many other things. I am constantly working to improve myself, so it is logical that I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve my blog. Sadly, the changes don’t always work out the way I planned, not just with my blog, but with myself, but I continue to try with both.

Today I have a new plan, a 5 year plan. I don’t expect my plan to go as planned, but it is still good to have a plan in place :) This blog will now turn again, back more to it’s original purpose. To be a way to share my downsizing, changing, and growing towards a simple life.

Thursday Hubby and I celebrated 16 years of marriage. We had a wonderful day together with our younger daughter and a lunch with my dad. We had a chance to really talk about what we want out of life, what our goals are and what hopes and dreams we have for the future. From that conversation and many others, we have come up with a 5 year plan.

What do we hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?
- Our younger daughter graduating from high school
- Paying off ALL our medical debt (all our other debt, except our house is paid for)
- Downsizing so that everything we want to keep fits comfortably and liveably (is that even a word) within 600 sq feet.
- Have the house ready for sale
- Find a state and area to live in for the remainder of our lives
- Break ground on building our cabin
- Kidney transplant for Hubby

Five years sounds like a long time, but it really does go by quickly. I’m still amazed that I have an 18 year old daughter and in June she will give birth to my first grandchild… a son. I still remember her washing the car with her Daddy when she was 2… running around the backyard in a diaper with the dogs chasing her… singing in her preschool spring concert… her first date… her first heartbreak. Time just kept moving, whether I was ready or not.

Hopefully we will meet all our goals by June 13, 2019, which would be my birthday when I turn 42 years old. That is, I believe 1881 days from now. So many things can happen and change during that time, but here is to the future and reaching our goals!


I’m back!

Sorry to be missing for a few weeks. Our macbook died and the people at the genius bar weren’t able to fix it. A very sweet friend ordered a table for me and other dear friends are chipping in to pay for it I’m calling it a very early birthday present! I’m very very blessed!… more

Little creatures in the snow – Day 43 picture

We still have a thick blanket of snow on the ground, which makes it pretty easy to pick out footprints…. or I should say paw prints All over the front, back, and side yards are tiny little prints. At first we thought they were bunnies and they very well could be, but today I saw… more

What a week – day 42 picture

It is still quite early in the week and it has already been quite a week. Visit to the hospital yesterday for a test for Hubby, then a doctor visit today for him. I spent the morning making phone calls with some of his health providers, cooked two batches (still have the third one to… more

10 down – day 41 picture

Ok, it isn’t a very good picture, but I wanted to share my excitement with you when I stepped on the scale this morning. After I weighed myself the first time I asked my hubby to grab me the camera My start weight was 250.7, so I’m just a hair shy of a full 10… more

Meatball recipe – day 40 picture!

As most of my regular readers know, I’m trying to lose weight to donate a kidney, either directly to my husband, or in a swap to get him a kidney. As of this morning, I have lost 9 pounds in the last 3 week! You can watch my weight loss videos on my other blog… more

Breakfast Burrito Recipe – Day 38 picture

This recipe makes about 16 burritos that freeze really well! I make a batch every now and then for Hubby to take to work. And each one is only about 325 calories (this is based on the ingredients I used, some wraps have more calories, so please read labels)! Breakfast Burrito 16 burrito wraps, these… more

Ice – day 37 picture – a day late – sorry!

It has been quite a week! Doctor appointments, canceled doctor appointments, and rescheduled doctor appointments. We had snow and ice and cold…. really cold weather. It has been windy too! The ice can be pretty to look at, but it wasn’t fun to drive in. We had an appointment that wasn’t canceled, so we ventured… more

Creative Use for hospital wash basin – day 35 picture

Last summer my husband spent a lot of time in the hospital. There were also trips to and from the hospital almost daily when he wasn’t an in-patient, for doctor’s appointments and dialysis. He dealt with nausea a lot, so they kept giving him wash basins (which I’m sure they billed outrageously for). At least… more

Snow…again – day 34 pictures

I do enjoy snow. I like watching it come down, I like it blanketing the ground, and I like seeing it in trees, but today we had an appointment to get to, so I don’t care for it today. About thirty minutes before we were suppose to leave for the appointment, I got a call… more

Harder than I thought – Day 33 picture

This is a picture of my older daughter and I, taken when she was 2 weeks old, back in 1995. About 2 months after she turned 18 she moved out. She didn’t move far and she texts me every single day at least once, but I miss her like crazy. Who knew it would be… more

What color is your salt? – Day 32 picture

My salt is pink. I have been using himalayan salt for years now. My younger daughter uses real salt, which is also pink. I started using himalayan salt after two friends suggested it to me. It is more expensive than white table salt, but the taste is definitely better. Just like many things in life… more

What is important? – day 31 picture

I think… a lot… and let’s just say that is a complete understatement. It takes me hours to fall asleep because I can never get my mind to stop. I think about life, things I have to do, my family, what the purpose of my life is, the laundry in the basement that I forgot… more

Losing weight – day 30 picture

In just under 2 weeks I have lost 7 pounds. I know my weight won’t continue “falling off” this fast, but it is a great start. The three big things I’m focusing on are drinking water, counting calories, and not eating after 8. The not eating after 8 is really hard for me. I’m a… more

Reading as a hobby – day 28 picture

I don’t consider myself a reader, but I raised two very good readers. My older daughter spent all her free time reading. And now my younger daughter has followed in the same foot steps and reads non-stop. You can often find her in her room, under a quilt, reading. I really enjoy watching my younger… more

Free Craftsy Class!

This is a great way to try out a craftsy class and see what they are like! *I do receive a small commission when you click on the link above. I also receive a small commission when you purchase a class from craftsy. Thank you for the support! more

Hanging Kitchen Towel using a Pot Holder – day 27 picture

I made this video some time ago, but I often get the question, “How do you hang the towel?” Here are two pictures, one where it is hanging on the oven door handle and one where it is hanging on my kitchen hardware. Hope that helps! more

Family time – day 26 picture

After being up all night sick, I spent most of the morning sleeping. Not the way I planned to start my family day at all, but such is life. By the time I woke up, it was lunch time, so we had lunch, I helped Hubby start the taxes, and then we played Monopoly. When… more

Old jeans make new bag – day 25 picture

I asked my Hubby to clean out his side of the closet a few days ago. He receives new work shirts and jeans each January from his employer and we have a very small 1960′s closet He made his get rid of pile and I sorted through it. I kept old work shirts to make… more

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