Girl Scout Cross Stitch Pattern

Because there was more interested in the cross stitch I offered, here are some free Girl Scout Cross Stitch logo patterns….

Girl Scout Logo 1
Girl Scout Logo 2

Elaine – send me an email with your mailing address and this will go out first thing tomorrow morning! Enjoy!

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  1. Betty Moultrup says:

    I am very thankful for the pattern, I am new to counted cross stitch, to what size should I cut the fabric to about a 6X6 SQUARE,thank you for your time

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Betty,

      Normally I cut my material 2 inches bigger than the design area. Sadly the pattern doesn’t seem to tell you how large it will be once stitched. If you are using 14 count material, count the stitches in the design and for every 14 stitches that is an inch of material…. once you have the pattern size, add 2″ all around just to be safe :) Thanks for stopping by!

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