How to make a Baby Swaddle or swaddler!

This video was created at the request of one of my viewers. The video is on how to make the pattern for and complete a swaddler or baby swaddle.

First you need some measurements to create a custom pattern.

Around baby’s torso (at the widest point)
Around baby’s torso and arms together
From baby’s armpit to hip

1 yard of fabric (may need less or more depending on the size of baby)
2″ wide velcro (approximately 6 inches long, depends on your preference)
matching thread

To create the pattern, you may watch the video or follow these instructions.

To make the inner wrap, take the torso measurement and add 6 inch. Draw that rectangle on paper. I like rounded corners, so I used a glass to draw the corners. Cut this pattern piece out. You will need to cut 2 out of the fabric.

To make the outer wrap, take the torso and arm measurement and add 6 inches. Draw that rectangle on paper. Find the middle point and make a mark, from 2 1/2 inches from the center, draw another mark. From the 2 1/2″ off center mark draw a line to a 1″ down mark on the side. (This sounds so confusing, please watch the video for a visual aid). You will need to cut 2 out of the fabric.

For the side “pillows”, but 2 pieces 3″ by 5″.

For how to put it all together and for clearer, pattern instructions, please visit my you tube video.

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