How to Prick and Stitch – Video and Free pattern!

One of my favorite things to do is hand-make cards. Years ago I did a lot of stamping, but in more recent years I have enjoyed doing Prick and Stitch, some times called Paper Embroidery. It’s is a fun hobby and pretty inexpensive.

Learn how to prick and stitch with this free pattern -

For this project you will need
red embroidery floss
a small needle (I use Piecemakers Betweens Quilting Needles)
piece of foam or padded envelope
scotch tape
pattern – printed free from here
a pin (I use a quilting pin, but a hat pin works as well)

Thanks for watching!

Two patterns I have for sale…

Bird on Branch - Prick and Stitch pattern -
Buy the pattern here

Dandelion - prick and stitch pattern -
Buy the pattern here

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One Response to How to Prick and Stitch – Video and Free pattern!

  1. Denise says:

    Kelly…thank you for this post and the heart pattern! You know I love the card you had given me! I, too, have been very busy in the garden and in adding a new perennial bed (so fun!). But, the next dreary day, when the house work is all caught up (hmmm…), I plan to try my hand at this. Thanks again!

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