Must have book! Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

Ok I’ll admit it, I didn’t get to finish the book…yet, it has well over 600 pages, but I’m so excited about this book that I can’t wait until I’m done to share it with you!

Since Hubby and I started eating healthy, we have struggled to find new creative ways to eat the same fruits and veggies. We stopped eating bread because I couldn’t find a healthy recipe that was truly healthy. All this has changed since reading this book. It is filled with over 700 healthy recipes! Tonight I finished making the Yeasted Buttermilk Bread. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, I have never been a fan of whole wheat bread before, but this bread is wonderful! It has a wonderful flavor and to my surprise a wonderful texture too.


This book, however, is far more than a collection of wonderful recipes. Sally starts the book by covering fat, carbohydrates, proteins, milk and milk products, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, salt, spice, additives, and beverages. She explains in detail what you should have, what you shouldn’t and gives not only references, but solid reasonings behind what she says. How often have we been told that something isn’t good for us, but it isn’t explained. Sally takes the time to explain it all. She offers a section on food allergies and special diets, equipment to have in your kitchen, and tips and hints to get you started with healthy eating.

There are no blank white spots on her pages. Even the pages with recipes have the side filled in with good to know facts and information. Now that I have started reading it, I can’t imagine eating healthy without it! There is even a section on desserts! Brownies are a family favorite and there is even a healthy brownie recipe. I’m definitely going to try that next.

Think eating healthy means all your favorite foods are gone? Thankfully it doesn’t! Here are just a few of the recipes in this must own book – Potato Salad, Sesame Buffalo Wings, Deviled Eggs, Buttermilk Biscuits, Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries, and Pizza.

Sally Fallon did an excellent job on this book and I truly believe that everyone should read it! You will be surprised with how many delicious foods you CAN eat. To order this book or any of the other books by Sally Fallon, please visit the website.

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